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FOOD, Family, and Fun: A Perfect So Cal Getaway

Phew, what a long flight home that was. The weirdest thing is- this doesn’t even feel like home anymore! It honestly seems like I haven’t been here in forever with this trip and my trip to Canada…and now I’ll officially be moving out and headed off to college before the end of this month. Now that’s scary.
Anyway, as pathetic as this may sound, I was so excited to get back on here so I could blog about all the great food I had while I was in southern California! The first two nights my uncle rented a grill and a table and chairs set up so he could grill on the beach. Unfortunately I was a little busy taking pictures and enjoying the beach to take notes, but when it was time to eat my mouth was definitely paying attention and boy was it GOOD. The first night we had some chicken and steak fajitas with grilled tortillas and sauteed onions/peppers and the second night we had grilled bbq chicken breasts/wings.

I could definitely get used to dining on the beach at sunset like this 🙂

So after three days spent on La Jolla shores, Kamil and I headed to Rancho Cucamonga with my aunt and uncle while my grandma and parents flew home (it’s about 2 hours away from San Diego). The first night there, Kamil and I spent it at Victoria Gardens which is a huge outside shopping mall. Dinner was just okay but what was spectacular was what we had for dessert! I’m obsessed with frozen yogurt and for the first time I tried Pinkberry. Oh my gosh, I don’t even know how to describe the freshness or taste of the yogurt itself. It’s all non fat and you can add whatever toppings you’d like to your frozen yogurt- fresh fruit (like kiwi, bananas, blueberries, etc), classic things (chocolate chips, oreos, coconut), and even wild toppings I would have never thought of like cap’n crunch, fruity pebbles, or honey/pomegranate juice! The place was so quaint and welcoming that I made sure we went back the next night. Unfortunately there are none in Connecticut but we’re supposed to be getting one in Fairfield in the fall of this year…greaaat, like an hour and a half from where I live!

All the super delicious fruit toppings…

…and all of the dry toppings

This was mine! I got the mini size original flavor with blueberries and strawberries…yummm

My aunt got a small mango and original mix with blueberries as well

For dinner on the last night, my aunt and uncle took us to a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant called Taco Hut and it came really close to the taste of Mama Testa Taqueria I had last time I was in downtown San Diego (it was featured on Bobby Flay’s Throwdown!)

Kamil had some fish tacos that didn’t even compare to ones he had previously tried back home and I went with some more chicken fajitas (I just couldn’t get enough on the beach). Everything was served with heapings of rice and beans and I decided to kick it up a knotch by adding some hot sauce and guacamole to my chicken and vegetables (I passed on the tortillas). I’m not normally a fan of avacado but the freshness of the guacamole made everything else just explode in my mouth. I finished every. last. bite. Extreme guilt after? You know it. Well worth the calories? Oh yeah!!

Kamil’s tacos

And my fajitas! I wish you could have seen the smoke coming off this thing!

Ugh…I just can’t believe I’m home again and back to the same crappy food. Oh well, hopefully I’ll be back to baking again soon :D!


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