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Eating Our Way Through Canada, Part 2

For my birthday present/spring break, Kamil took me to Montreal for the first time. The trip there went fairly smooth up until the part where we needed to find the hotel which seemed impossible because the building was so freaking small!!! I literally think we did a minimum of twenty circles around the same block until we finally pulled over at the Sheraton to ask for directions. The first place we ate at for lunch wasn’t really anything special because we were both too tired and car sick to bother looking for something better. However, the dinner we had that night was phenomenal.

We spent quite some time walking around looking for a decent restaurant to eat at until a doorman at a hotel recommended some places on Peel Street. That was when we found Cavalli, aka Heaven. Kamil ended up ordering their pine-nut crusted filet mignon with a mushroom-spelt risotto, swiss chard, grilled artichokes, a pine-nut emulsion, and sultana raisins.

Is that not a beautiful presentation or what? I ended up ordering their fish of the day (which unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of) but it included grilled shrimp (by request, they were supposed to sear them), various grilled vegetables, and basmati rice which was divine.

The next day for lunch we settled on Reuben’s which didn’t look so appetizing from the outside considering they had giant slabs of meat as a display in their front window but honestly, the food was outstanding. It was so good we ended up going there for lunch two days in a row. The first day Kamil just got a burger but the second day he ordered a ham sandwich and the amount of meat they serve you on this one sandwich is truly more than one can fit in their mouth.

Both times we went I ordered their Mediterranean Salad which had mixed greens, grilled chicken, orange slices, shaved carrots, and pecans served with a balsamic vinaigrette. The chicken was so tender and juicy and oh how I wish I had that salad now…

Our last night there I hate to say it but yes, we went back to Cavalli. Both times we went we ordered drinks as well, bringing out total out to about $150 dollars each time. Was it worth it for the amount of food they served you? Not really. But if you were to ask me if it was worth it for the taste, I would have to say it was. The second trip we made there I again ordered their fish of the day which happened to be grilled salmon with vegetables and basmati rice again. Everything was perfect.

After dinner that night, Kamil and I went to a bar for some drinks (since the drinking age there is 18 after all). He also ordered a Bailey’s cheesecake for dessert. And I must say that for a restaurant/bar that didn’t even come close to looking like Cavalli, their presentation was pretty impressive as well.

Overall, I had another amazing time in Canada with the love of my life. We’re already planning on third trip there which will hopefully be sometime this summer! 🙂


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